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TS Guidelines for Conduct
To ensure sound business administration and to enjoy the favor of our customers, our Associates and their families, and our Community, we are purposeful in our mission to be a company “That Makes a Difference”

Attitude Toward Our Customers:
We deliver a high degree of satisfaction to our customers by setting creative tasks for ourselves from the customerís point of view and then carry out those tasks while imagining ourselves in their place.

Attitude Toward Our Shareholders:
We maintain a high degree of transparency by disclosing pertinent information willingly.

Attitude Toward TS TECH:
Through innovation, we create value by always looking forward with a positive mind.

Attitude Toward Our Suppliers:
We maintain a fair and positive relationship with our suppliers.

Attitude Toward the Government:
We maintain a high regard for government and faithfully uphold the law.

Attitude Toward the Public:
We actively promote conservation and proactively protect the environment.

Attitude Toward the Local Community:
We are a responsible member of the community and make positive contributions by actively supporting social welfare, disaster relief and volunteer activities.

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